We are Open for submissions!

We are proud to say that we are open to submissions, both agented and unagented. That means you don’t need a literary agent to submit your manuscript to us!

We do have some submission requirements:

Word count

  • We require our titles to be 12,000 – 50,000 words in length.
    • If your manuscript is between 7,500 and 12,000 words, please check out the submission status for our other imprint, Pocket Reads.
    • All titles will be published in paperback form and digital form.
    • You will retain the rights to an audiobook version, only if you wish to produce it and distribute it yourself. If you want us to have us produce an audiobook version, the rights will apply the same as the paperback and digital versions.

Content genre

We are open to publishing in the following genres:

  • Romance
    • New Adult
    • Erotic
    • Paranormal
    • Historical
    • Fantasy (Also known as “Romantasy”)
    • Classic story retellings
  • Thriller
    • Mystery
      • Detective
      • Murder
      • Police Procedural
      • Crime Fiction
    • Psychological
  • Non-Fiction
    • Business
    • Educational
    • Political
  • General Fiction
    • Political

Types of titles

  • We welcome standalone titles as well as titles planned within a series.
    • If your submission is part of a series, please ensure that the title you submit is for the first book in that series. We don’t accept submissions for series that are interconnected with existing published series, even if the previous series is self-published.
      • The only exception to this rule is if the series is published under our other publishing imprint, Pocket Reads.
  • We do not accept previously published titles from another publisher that went out of print, but we do accept self-published titles that are out of print.

How to submit

Now that you have read our submission guidelines, please send your query letter to heartstonevirtualsolutionsllc(at)gmail(dot)com. Please put “Query – HeartStone Virtual Solutions – {BOOK TITLE}” in the subject line.

In your query letter, please include the following:

  • Word count
  • Genre
  • Series name (if applicable)
  • Number of planned titles in series (if applicable)
  • How you plan on promoting the publication on your end
  • Any other books you plan on pitching to either HeartStone Virtual Solutions or Pocket Reads (if applicable)