Ian Schrauth


  • Happy release day for Ian Schrauth!

    From everyone at HeartStone Virtual Solutions, we wanted to wish Ian Schrauth a Happy release day for not one, but TWO of his titles! “SLMPD” and “270” SLMPD follows Saint Louis Detectives RJ Klemp and Kendall Marie as they investigate a case of Multi-Level Murder! 270, originally released as ‘Till I Find You 3, is…

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  • New Title from I. S. Joseph

    🎉 We’re thrilled to unveil the scintillating new novella by author I. S. Joseph – “The Situationship”. 🔥 “The Situationship” follows the story of two friends with benefits as they embark on a business journey that will leave you not only wanting to read the next chapter, but will leave an impression on your heart.…

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What makes us different


  • Publishes books on a book-by-book basis for a certain timeframe agreed on by both parties
  • Publishes based on specific genres, split up by imprints
  • No Option clause in our contracts, so you can publish where YOU want (Including mid-series*)
  • Puts the Author first in the publishing process and values their input.
  • Distribution to whatever place or website has the Ingram Catalog
    * – If the book is in a series, the first book in the series must be published with HeartStone Virtual Solutions or one of our imprints.

Traditional Publishers

  • Publishes books on a standalone and a series basis for a timeframe only set by the Publisher
  • Publishes based on specific genres, split up by imprints
  • Must publish all books in that series with that publisher, and might have an Option Clause
  • 50/50 chance you will have a say in how your book is published.
  • (Mostly) Worldwide Distribution.

Vanity/”Hybrid” publishers

  • Publishes whoever will pay them
  • Ony publishes on either Amazon or Ingram Catalog with no option for places to return the book.
  • Nobody likes them.